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It’s amazing how little “planning” often goes into financial planning. When it comes to retirement, you may think it’s too soon for financial planning. But it’s never too early to start planning for retirement or for your future. At Blackburn Financial, we start with where you are, and we focus on where you want to be.

Financial planning is more than a list of assets. It’s about understanding – where you are, where you want to be and how to get there. When you’re planning for retirement, you’ll want a clear picture of exactly how to get the retirement you want – without stressing now, or then.

Blackburn Financial Group offers a breadth of experience in all areas – tax-efficient strategies, estate planning, insurance products, securities and retirement income planning – combined with focused, personal service. This allows us to develop your unique, all-encompassing financial plan that can help you with future income, long-term care, the ability to give to charity, enjoy life and stay in your home.

Whatever your goals are for now and for the future, we want to help you make those goals a reality.









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Meet Kyle Blackburn

Kyle and his father, David, started Blackburn Insurance in 1985. Kyle was in charge of computer illustrations and product support. Over the years and after looking at tens of thousands of printouts and statements, he has become the most knowledgeable product and universal life specialist in the country.

Kyle is very clever at case design, using various combinations of annuities, immediate annuities, rated immediate annuities, and various life insurance products to generate tremendous income for people or maximize the benefit for their heirs. Kyle feels extremely lucky to be able to lead such an extraordinary team of people in this competitive market.

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